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Ephesians 2:10

Our Mission and Vision


The mission of Ivy Baptist Church is to love God and one another through Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship and Evangelism -- Matthew 22:37-40.


The vision of Ivy Baptist Church is to build a spiritually mature, intergenerational body of believers through Jesus Christ our Lord.


What is Worship?


Worship is our intimate connection with God.  Worship allows us to focus on who God is and not just what He does.  The bible is clear in that God created us (man) for us to worship Him!  Through worship, we allow God to be God and trust that He will lead us in the right direction.  Worship then, requires a surrendering of ourselves to Him.  Great things happen when the people of God worship Him.


What is Discipleship?


Discipleship is the process of us becoming more like Christ.  Discipleship means that we are willing to forsake things and sometimes people in order to know God better.  In doing so, we allow God to transform our lives, so that we can be free from our past and focus on our future.  The word disciple means "follower or student." The moment we are saved, we should strive to be a "follower" of God's Word and to resemble Christ in every possible way.


What is Fellowship?


Fellowship involves the joining of people together for a common purpose.  People were created to connect to one another.  This explains why our testimonies are so important; they can help others who may be experiencing something similar.  Fellowship involves sharing and connecting with others in order that strong bonds will form and deep relationships can be developed.  Whenever people fellowshipped in the bible, there was also a mighty move of God.


What is Evangelism?


Evangelism primarily involves sharing our faith and belief in Jesus Christ with others who may not have a relationship with Him.  Jesus commands in Matthew 28, that we are to spread His message everywhere in the world.  Essentially, we are to share with others the benefits of knowing God and how He has changed our lives and can do the same for others.

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